Central Kyoto

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The two major sights in central Kyoto are the opulent Nijo Castle and the more modest Imperial Palace. Visiting the latter requires permission, and you must join a guided tour. Central Kyoto is a big shopping destination: west of the Kamogawa to Karasuma-dori and on the north–south axis between Shijo-dori and Oike-dori, there are department stores, specialty shops, and restaurants. The walk (from 20 to 30 minutes) down Sanjo-dori from the south end of Nijo Castle to eastern Kyoto is loaded with tea- and coffeehouses, international cuisine, high-end boutiques, and museums.


Nijo Jinya

A short walk south of Nijo-jo, this 17th-century merchant house saw later service as an inn for traveling daimyo (feudal…

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Nishijin-ori Kaikan

The sound of looms and spinning machines adds a subtle rhythm to the narrow streets of the Nishijin district, a…

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The high walls, immense wooden gates, and enormous roof of the Otani headquarters of the Jodo Shinshu sect of Buddhism…

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