French Chateau Getaway

04/18/2020 through 02/25/2021
04/01/2020 through 02/28/2021
Sceptre Vacations

French Chateau Getaway

Immerse yourself in France’s royal past on this vacation to Paris and Chantilly. Spend a few nights in the City of Light before heading north to Chantilly, where you’ll stay at a lovely chateau surrounded by the French countryside.

Experience two diverse regions of France in six nights! Step into Paris and tour through the iconic city, taking in the splendor of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre and more. Cruise along the Seine, seeing the sights, and take advantage of the city’s famous shopping districts.
Then pick up your car and take a trip to Chantilly to experience the regal atmosphere of castles, royal gardens and stables, and restaurants that have been serving as long as the castle has been standing.


Day 1 Welcome to Paris!
Day 2 Paris
Day 3 Paris
Day 4 Paris - Chantilly
Day 5 Chantilly
Day 6 Chantilly
Day 7 Depart Chantilly

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